The Church of Time

You were born.  You live.  You will die.

Because of this, each moment is sacred.  You are now spending time that will never come again.  Your actions are written down, indelible.

Time is, of course, inexorable.  You don’t get to choose to spend less, except to stop spending forevermore.

You may choose to spend well.

I’m writing the Church of Time to remind myself to spend well.  I want to get clear on the concepts of time as it relates to people, and the practices of spending well.  I want to elevate every moment to create joy, fulfillment.

I want to be as alive as I possible can, in the time I have left.

I believe we have a responsibility to respect our own time, and the time of others.  We have the opportunity to soar, swoon, grow wise, laugh, love, to live well.  I am hoping that the Church of Time will help us lift ourselves from low things, to immerse ourselves in our best work.

Author: Cort Fritz

I make software, music, & amazing daughters.

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