I respect your faith

This is about calling this “The Church of Time”, specifically the use of the word “church”.

I mean no disrespect to any traditional churches.  Perhaps you belong to a church, or are faithful to a religion, and feel that it is not good to refer to my thinking as a “church”.  I’m sorry for any offense; this is the best I seem to be able to do to express my faith, which is humanistic in nature.

We may disagree about cosmology, but I respect you and your beliefs

I believe that it’s highly likely that your church is a noble group seeking salvation and attempting to do good in this world.  I love people of faith for their humility.  By definition if we are beloved creations of God, then we are small and should do our best to be good.

Your faith is entirely compatible with my views that on this earth, time matters most.

In this article, I want to explain this, and show how holding time high even at the level of worship is not disrespectful to any faith.

It’s self evident to me that time moves on, and I can’t stop it.  I can fill it with good moments, or I can waste it.  I will die, and when I do, time as we know it will stop for me.  This life and it’s manner of existence will end. We are all aware of life and death, and even those who have come to peace with death understand why others cling to life.

Many religions deal with the scarcity of time explicitly.  In the Christian religion, for example, Adam apparently throws away eternal life, choosing to eat from the tree of knowledge.

Whatever the origins of time’s scarcity, it’s scarce now.  This is the apparent intention of any God.

I don’t believe in these things.  However if you do, then the passage of time remains one of the most significant facts that the God of your faith has presented to you to consider.  If they have given you this time, then the ultimate expression of your faith is to use it well.

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Author: Cort Fritz

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