The Journey

Verse 0.0.3 – The Journey


We can be as gods – incomprehensibly more alive and fulfilled and kind and good than we are today.

We will never experience arrival there.  Yesterday Me could not conceive of what today me experiences, senses, intuits, believes, comprehends, invents, accomplishes.  I have become a god in relation to Yesterday Me.  Tomorrow Me may achieve this again in relation to Today Me.  None of me will feel the sensation of attaining godhood.  Each step brings me closer in view to the previous goal, I can see beyond it, and a new goal is accepted.  I build into my expectations what was previously aspiration.

Lacking the gratification of arrival, we satisfy ourselves with each directionally-correct step.  Each incremental step provides us with instant gratification.  We get deeper satisfaction from delta to speed or greater wisdom about direction.  We experience viscerally the momentary improvement.  We hunger for the subtle feeling of the rate of improvement growing.  We celebrate in seasonal cadences where we were and how far we’ve come since the last reckoning.

We are on a journey that ends with us, but not before.

Author: Cort Fritz

I make software, music, & amazing daughters.

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