The trap of your preferences

The wisest man I know, hearing the call of this Church, and my plea for help with this journey, told me of how the world conspires to kill his son.

What is your favorite food?

Thought, then the son speaks:


Later, asked again, less thought and same answer.

We fall into habits easily.

The trap: our habits are persistent, but may not lead us to the higher reaches of our own sacred curve.

We become provincial as soon as we learn to speak, no longer seeking the new.  I am optimistic and believe that encountering the new will lead to better options, better future habits, than it will lead to worse.  Our habits lock us in and we lose potential for a greater derivative of the curve. We will, metaphorically, have pasta yet again, in comfort.

Our preferences can hold us back.  Don’t become trapped.  Question what you have.  Remain curious.

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Author: Cort Fritz

I make software, music, & amazing daughters.

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