Getting Started

Verse 0.0.10 – The journey of a thousand miles begins with this single step

If you want to raise your sacred curve, you want to think big.  You increase your probability of success if you can a) clearly articulate a lofty goal and b) always tell the truth.

If you are having trouble articulating a goal you can start here.  If you feel your goal isn’t sufficiently lofty get started with the less-lofty one you have.

Always telling the truth will be hard if you don’t already.  So find one spot where you aren’t and go tell the truth.  Then find another.  Keep it up.

Note: if people are trying to harm you, you don’t owe them the truth.  If people are trying to dominate you, to aggregate what is yours for their benefit, this is an aggression and a harm and you don’t owe them the truth.

You do owe it to yourself to factor them out of your life.  You can’t live, poisoned.  It’s a habit to break.  And ensuring that you remove yourself from them or vice versa keeps you out of the insidious place of lying constantly to protect yourself.  That’s a slippery slope and incredibly dangerous as a habit.

Author: Cort Fritz

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