Tiny win

Take the smallest possible action and complete it

You will have big goals.  But every day you will take the smallest possible action.  And the next one, and the next.

Complete things.

In the grand expanse of all time, and in your finite segment of that, the only thing you actually experience is the moment. You can anticipate or remember a day, but you don’t experience the whole day.

Complete actions in every moment.  Break down larger actions into the smaller, and break them down again.  Tiny steps, each one its own accomplishment.

If you start working on larger actions you risk not completing them.  This will train you to not complete.  Break down the large into the winnable small.

If a larger action is broken down into 1000 tiny actions, and you complete 800 of them and then decide to abandon (or merely modify!) the end goal, you will still have 800 wins under your belt.  Each one complete and beautiful.  If you did not, your experience is the one large failure, or the never ending loss of endless wandering from one incomplete venture to the next.

The tiny wins align you and focus you in harmony with your environment.  Try to get value from each one.  To find the value, look at how each tiny win changed you. This habit also helps improve your crafting and framing of the small steps. Even tiny efforts that fail can turn into wins if they are set up as experiments from which you intended to learn.  Your whole life can be a continual series of wins.  This trains you to expect wins, to demand them, to raise your bar.

When you are good at this, ask others in your life to adopt this approach.  There are positive network effects of tribes that are focused in the moment rather than lost in fantasy.  When we are all focused on the tiny win, and we demand this of each other, we are grounded in the real and in the moment.  We are vivacious and active, seeking for that instant action, instant win.  Giving instant wins to our tribe, asking for them in return.  Seeing the same momentary fabric together, developing language to talk about it.  This can move a tribe, family, organization towards being present and positive and fluid with each other.  This moves these groups towards accountability and doing what they say they will do.

Focus on the moment.  Ensure you know what you want from it.  Ensure you get that.  Where you are failing, this is a product of your misunderstanding of reality.  Take the next moment to become more aware.

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Author: Cort Fritz

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