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Where Should We Begin (episode 1)” audio book by Esther Perel

This is an episodic audio book (on audible) about therapy.  Many of you are strong and think of your mind as a castle that no mere therapist can navigate much less improve.  Think differently: do you have a partner with whom you focus on your goals, shortcomings, hopes, fears, failures, someone who is trained to understand the human mind as best as we can today?

Therapy – with the right partner – is a golden use of your time.  Get a “gym buddy” and show up regularly.  Accelerate your ascent up the golden curve, protect against descent.  Commit to the Church of Time with your regular focus in concert with an objective observer committed to your success.

From the book (emphasis added):

“I’m hoping that the time will just put things in place,” she tells Perel, going on to explain how just two months ago, she was uncontrollably angry at her husband, but she wasn’t anymore. So maybe, to regain feelings for him, she just needed to wait.

“But you’re not that angry because you’re numb. And that’s not necessarily where you want to stay,” Perel points out.

“How do you fix that? I’m assuming just time, right?” the woman replies.

“No,” Perel says. “Time never exists in its own. It’s what happens in it. You have to give it meaning. You have to shape it.


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