Quality of Time

The quality of your time obviously varies.

We are sometimes sleepy and aren’t thinking straight.  Sometimes in love and every bite of food tastes better.  Sometimes depressed and everything is gray. When we were younger we weren’t as experienced time differently as a result – maybe it was more fun because we hadn’t experienced deep sorrow or fear or maybe we were not as wise then and so we glossed over our time, missing hidden joys

Consider how this varies in small and larger increments of time.  You will be sleepy to some degree each morning and night.  You may go through years of depression, or alternatively, being at your peak flow

A good exercise is to develop a habit of becoming aware of the relative quality of your time, the natural cycles, and the trend.

Relative to your own experience, and to your best estimate of what others are experiencing.

How am I feeling right now? Today? This month? This season? This year?

How am I acting? With clarity? With joy? With fear? With anger? With long pauses of… nothing?

Be curious about what, how, and why you are feeling and doing.  Find and surf the cycles you can’t change.  Experiment with effecting different cycles and trends where you find you can alter your experience of time.

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Author: Cort Fritz

I make software, music, & amazing daughters.

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