Another process to be mindful of time via 10 minute blocks + more

Previously I posted about a way to get your kid into time management.  The first step is to become aware of the nature of time.  The article showed in a post-GenZ accessible way to think of the day as 10 minute blocks.  This moves a curious mind towards perceiving time by thinking about those 10 minute units. That leads the curious mind towards other questions, which grows their harmony with the reality of time.

If we think about quanta we don’t think of some infinite resource.

Here is a great article, courtesy of GTD for CIOs.  It also talks about 10 minute blocks, but for adults.  It offers an *excellent* process for analyzing and optimizing your time.  I highly recommend you try it in your journey to become more mindful of your use of your most precious resource.

This is an conceptual tool sometimes used by people trying to drive awareness around the protecting the environment.  “Every second an acre of jungle is destroyed* “.  See how quantizing makes it more real than “bad things are happening to the jungle”?

When we talk about time, we should fix our discussions in real units to bring our awareness and mindfulness into harmony with reality.  Of all the non-renewable resources, nothing competes with time.  And no resource is more wasted.  We should all become time-conservationists.

Saving time – that is: applying more of it to things that matter – could save every other thing that needs saving.

* “every second..acre..destroyed”: I made up this metric just to have an example.  Probably it’s worse.  Or it doesn’t matter because trees are a renewable resource. Or we are permanently irrevocably damaging the ecosystem. I don’t know.  Feel free to correct me and inform CoT readers.  If you feel you want to correct me, ask yourself how that’s a better use of your time than, say, volunteering at Big Brother / Big Sister.  Or your local school.  Or than, say, learning Chinese, elixir, or how to be a better mom.  And reread the last paragraph of this article.

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