June Gloom or Bloom?

Hey Team Time,

We have made it halfway through the year.

And what a year.


Did you have goals for the year?

If you didn’t have any goals, now is a great time to start to think about your goals for 2020. You know so much more about the year – things you would have never predicted! So take a few minutes – literally, just jot down your first pass, off the cuff, casual and possibly silly list of goals. Get started.

So much energy and clarity will come from even beginning to clear your mind about what you want this year.


Maybe you had some vague ideas for 2020 that you were reaching for, groping for, but that weren’t really articulated. If so, now is a great time to get clearer about them. We keep our mind vague about what we want – a habit that is sadly common – to protect our dreams from getting crushed by reality.

One of the fears we have about our dreams is that the future will reveal something that makes those dreams impossible. Why even bother getting clear about them when the future is just going to shatter our dreams? Losing hope you once had can rob you of energy and purpose. Some people don’t recover. It is no wonder that people protect themselves by hiding their own hope from themselves. And 2020 sure has shown the ability of the future to surprise you and possibly crush any dreams you had. I have a friend with a brand new restaurant launched in January. I have another with a brand new airline launched in February, the product of a decade of preparation. He shut it down after a month of operation. Ouch.

But given that 2020 has played such strong cards in the first half of its game, now is a great time to revisit those vague goals. Maybe there is actually a new advantage that’s possible! Maybe there is a great pivot that has revealed itself. Maybe they wont work anymore and you have the incredible benefit of clarity, and recognizing that will allow you to see new goals that really excite you.


Many of you, by virtue of being adherents and acolytes of the Church of Time, had clearly defined goals for the year.


Now is a crucial moment for you. The year is halfway through. It was nothing like we planned. Are your goals still the right ones? Are the assumptions that they depend on still true? Is there a greater advantage that has revealed itself, or a new threat that needs countering? Can you now achieve something better or more relevant.

It’s mid year. Do your progress inventory. Revisit your SWOTs, your plans, your assumptions, your goals, your team. Make sure your ship is outfitted right, crewed right, and pointed in the right direction.

The middle of the year is such a powerful moment.

Seize it.

Author: Cort Fritz

I make software, music, & amazing daughters.

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