I have stressed that the most important factor in how you spend your time is your health. Good health gives you more time, and great health improves how you experience time, giving you vibrant energy. You are alive to the degree you are healthy.

For most, the next most important factor is the people in your life. Given the normal state of sufficient health, you have a much greater opportunity to improve your life fulfillment by improving your relationships.

Of all your relationships, your life partner is the single most impactful decision.

You need to understand if you have the right people in your life. Allowing yourself to continually be in the presence of someone that detracts from your fulfillment, or blocks greater fulfillment, removes your ability to notice. Continuing to allow negative people in your life is literally the single most negatively impactful factor. It’s possible that you are reading this and thinking that you aren’t chronically exposed to negative people because you’ve stopped noticing and have lowered your bar.

You need to understand if you are doing to most with the right people in your life. If you have only consistently good people in your life, do you act like it? Do you understand how privileged you are? Are you “paying it backward” to these people? Are you leveraging this incredible power to be the best human you can be? Do you all recognize each other? Have you formed a tribe that is organized to create great things or go on great adventures?

People in your life present the most impactful opportunity.

Author: Cort Fritz

I make software, music, & amazing daughters.

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