Compound Interest

In The Journey we touched on how our efforts in time exhibit the properties of Compound Interest.

This is a deep truth.

If, in this very moment, you take effort to find greater fulfillment then you are more able to do so in the next moment.

This adds up.

How is it that people can become Olympians? They have to have the good luck to be born with the genetics that makes them special, and further good luck to be connected to tribes that give them access to training throughout their life.

As a metaphor this is true of all achievement. All greatness takes some good luck.

And each person has their limitations. It is improbable that I will become and NBA star, for example.

But I can take actions, typically following my passion, that add up.

An action sooner – right now – is worth 10 actions later, and worth 100 actions that happen even later.

The olympians with all their luck would go nowhere without their actions taken repeatedly, adding up over time.

You still have time! You still can achieve fulfilling results that bring you deep and lasting joy. The best time to start compounding interest towards those goals may have been long ago. The second best time is now.

The thing is, the more you become aware of this, your awareness compounds. You become intolerant of spending your time on things that bring you down, you find greater and greater reward for having your mind become more aware of fulfillment.

This moment, this one right now, take it and spend it on something that starts to add up more than the last. Delay no further.

Author: Cort Fritz

I make software, music, & amazing daughters.

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