The kindness and motivation of the dying

Perspective should bring kindness

Given that the curve results in death in every case,…

…we are all infected with a terminal illness.

We can treat the other patients with empathy.

Stop acting with unkindness.

Also, given that we have so few moments, and each moment matters – for this is the central truth of the Church of Time.

Therefore every choice we make matters.

“But nothing matters for we are all going to die and vanish into nothingness”.

To say this is to be in denial.  Meet someone who knows they have a year to live and are trying to complete their so-called “bucket list”.

You are also dying.

You don’t have very much time left at all.

Live like those who have realized this about themselves and who are bravely facing it and taking action.

Article 0.0.12

Author: Cort Fritz

I make software, music, & amazing daughters.

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